About Us

original Bernie's store front

In 1964 after managing the Graver Hotel for many years, Bernie Ness Sr. decided to pursue his vision of the American dream by starting his own liquor store. Since the business was started in a 10-ft. by 60-ft. space on the corner of the Southside Shopping Center on University Drive in Fargo, it has worked to change as Fargo has changed. As the Fargo-Moorhead area has grown, so has Bernie's. Now on the opposite corner of the Southside Shopping Center, the current location is eight times bigger than its original with a selection that is constantly changing and growing with the times. With Bernie Ness Jr. now at the helm and his daughter Nikki Berglund in charge of day to day operations, Bernie's Wines and Liquors is fortunate to benefit from three generations of liquor store perspectives.

Before moving back to Fargo, Nikki received a comprehensive education in off-premise wine sales from the largest liquor wholesaler in the US, Southern Wine and Spirits before moving on to Beverage Wholesalers of Denver, CO. This glimpse into the wholesale side of the business provided her with the valuable tools necessary for a thriving retail liquor business, along with an inside look at what it takes to negotiate for the prices she wants. This experience gave her a set of skills unique from those of her father and grandfather before her. Nikki prides herself on keeping her finger on the pulse of current wine, beer, and liquor trends throughout the country, and she has made it her mission to enhance and expand the Bernie's brand.

Holding down the fort is Jamie Coppin, Operations Manager and overseer of the Bernie's Wines and Liquors franchise. With 10 years experience in the business, Jamie's well balanced personality earns him the respect of his peers and the adoration of his customers. Jamie has an extensive knowledge of both wine and beer that rivals that of any of his competitors in town.

Kristen Nelson is the face behind our West Fargo location, and her 9 years of experience keeps her at the top of the West Fargo pack. She knows the neighborhood well, and her welcoming demeanor has helped cultivate her loyal neighborhood following.